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Coyle Girelli "Christmas and Me" EP!

Coyle Girelli "Christmas and Me" out today!


Prod. by me and Coyle Girelli
Simon Kafka - guitar
Keith Reed - bass
Elliot Jacobson - drums
Chris Leon, Coyle, and me - mixing
Mike Tuccillo - mastering

"Christmas and Me" written by Coyle Girelli
"The Lights" written by Coyle Girelli and me
"O Holy Night" by Adolphe Adam and Placide Cappeau
"I'll Be Home for Christmas" by Kim Gannon and Walter Kent 
"Christmas Don't Be Late" by Ross Bagdasarian Sr.


Amy Leon Song Preview

Coyle Girelli "Love Kills" LP Released

The day has finally come, the debut of Coyle Girelli's "Love Kills." This album was a labor of love, nearly two years in the making. Coyle's up there with the best singers and songwriters in music. Proud to have produced this with Coyle and Andrew Hollander. Thanks to the army of musicians that leant their talent to the project... Andrew Pertes Simon Kafka Elliot Jacobson Lauren Klein Chris Connors Chris Leon Mal Taylor, Phil Joly, John Davis, and there's a couple more I'm sadly forgetting and will edit in... it's been a journey.